Saturday, January 21, 2017

Family update, the "in-the-pink" version

Our lives in the Miser Mom household continue to be rich and full.

In the larger-than-us category, we began the week by hosting a gathering of LOUD (Locally Organized, United in Diversity), a new neighborhood group committed to learning about and supporting all kinds of diversity in our city.  The meeting at Monday at our home focused on learning about refugees who have resettled here in our small city.  Then I spent Friday morning avoiding all televisions, serving early lunch with my granddaughter Baby-A at our local soup kitchen.  And today, my husband and N-son headed over to the Women's March on Philadelphia, while I-daughter went to a more local version here in our own smaller city, also knitting a bunch of pussy hats for other marchers.  (I'm going for pink font, in keeping with the theme; did that work?)  My husband says the organizers in Philly were expecting 20,000 people, but wound up with closer to 30,000, putting a huge strain on those port-a-potties!*

*My sister adds: "In DC it was a 30 minute wait for a porta potty 

full to within 3 inches of the top and no TP. Friendly, happy crowd!"

Gathering in Philly for the march

I didn't go to the marches because I was buried under piles of bureaucracy.  My classes have begun, and my committee work also, and now I am a wealthy woman, especially as measured by quantity of reading materials.  

J-son is training hard for his upcoming boxing match.  The hardest part is that he's got to drop weight -- another 6 pounds by the end of next week.  All I can say is, he's determined.  And along the way, he's started to pick up a bit of money training other, younger boxers. Go, J-son!

But there's more!  I visited my surgeon early this week for my post-op visit.  My surgeon checked me over, whistled a bit, and asked, "Do you know what a bell curve is?  Oh, yeah, you do.  Well, you're way off to one end of it." I'm not allowed to do cartwheels or pushups for another month, but the healing and such has gone remarkably -- as in, hard-to-believe -- quickly.  I have almost my full range of motion back already, and I did our usual 10k run with my friends this morning, down to County Park and back.  On the way back up, I often walked going uphill; in other words, I'm back to normal!

My sister and her husband in their pussy hats.

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  1. Wishing you a full recovery.
    Wishing our country fortitude.
    In our city 50,00 marchers were expected, 250,000 turned up, the march was canceled, and they marched anyway.