Miser Mom Half Marathon!

Miser Mom Half Marathon!
October 21, 2017
North Museum, 7 a.m.

I know you will have questions about this, so here are some of the answers.

Q:  What makes the Miser Mom Half Marathon such a great Half Marathon for a group like ours?
A:  Duh; the cost.  

Q:  What else makes the Miser Mom Half Marathon such a great Half Marathon compared to others?
A:  Others are the first half of a marathon.  The MMHM is the second halfwhich any marathoner will tell you is the tougher half.  Do the MMHM, and you can brag that you finished a marathon (even if you didn't start it).

Q:  Tell me about the swag.
A:  FREE T-SHIRT to anyone who finds a t-shirt by the side of the road.  

Q:  Do I also get a free t-shirt if I find it behind the dryer?  (Seriously, someone already asked me this).
A:  Sure.

Q: Are we going to train for this?
A:  Yes, training (following the F.I.R.S.T. method) will start mid-August, with our first 6-mile training run on August 19, and some somewhat longer runs following that.   More info on that here.

Q: Will there be age-category medals?
A:  Not sure about the medals, but we've already approved an award of some kind for the first bicyclist born in May 1953.

Q:  Other awards, too?
A:  Give me time  . . . I'm still thinking about this.

Q:  Will this half-marathon end with a downhill run?
A:  YESSSSS!  (From Old Main to my home, so not super-steep, alas).

Q:  Will you allow people to sit in lawn chairs a half-mile from the finish line to yell, "you're nearly there!  keep going!". 
A:  No.

Q:  Will there be chocolate milk at the finish line?  
A:  Yes, and maybe bagels, too.

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