Saturday, January 28, 2017

Family update: movies and movements version

Our lives in the Miser-Mom household continue to be rich and full.

Last Sunday, I got to take three of my offspring (N-son, I-daughter, and K-daughter) to a movie version of Don Giovanni.  We are all now fans of Kiri Te Kanawa.

Three of us (my husbandN-son, and I) got to go see Hidden Figures.  I almost never go to the movies, but I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for several months now, and I wasn't disappointed.  Whoop!  What a great film!  It made me nostalgic for my days as a kid, wandering the halls of Goddard Space Flight Center with my mom.  It also reminded me how lucky I was to grow up in a home where my mom and dad rattled the cages of people who assumed only white men could do math and science.

My husband has continued to have fun going to the Tuesdays with Toomey protests.  I put my senator's phone numbers on my speed dial, and I try to call them at least weekly.  

J-son managed to starve himself down close to his fight weight -- not easy, nor comfortable -- but then his fight was cancelled because the other boxer got injured. He's now working on maintaining and dropping his weight for the next fight.

I'm gearing up for a big talk that I'll be giving on Groundhog Day.  To make space in my schedule so that I can spend some time with the people who are coming from far away to see it, I've been spending most of my time holed up in my office, reading job applications and promotion/tenure materials.  Fascinating stuff, I tell you!  I think the reading would be even more fascinating if I could get Kiri Te Kanawa to sing it to me.

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  1. Oh, lucky you! Kiri has such a gorgeous voice! And I've been looking at Hidden figures, nice to know it's a good film.