Monday, May 28, 2012

$138; temporary ownership

We celebrated my college reunion this past weekend.  What an incredible blast it was to see these people I  knew during those formative years!  I thought I wouldn't remember anyone -- and I wasn't far wrong about that, in fact.  But my former classmates and I remembered lots of common experiences, and in remembering those, got to re-meet one another.  I had a way way better time than I would have thought.
I was in charge of helping with a Saturday evening reception for our class.
A classmate had asked me to bring plastic wine glasses, not realizing that it is sort-of against my religion to buy plastic disposable junk.  To the rescue:  temporary ownership.  That is, I called a local party rental place.   And to my utter delight, I found I could pick up 100 real wine glasses for the weekend for $43 (plus tax).
Wine glasses are good for wine and/or M&Ms.
That price wasn't very different in price than buying 100 plastic wine glasses (at least from what I could see online).  The rental place even washed the cups when I returned them!
100 wine glasses in the back seat of my Prius.
The rental place did not want the plastic bags back, so
I kept them to use in our kitchen trash cans.
While I was away, my husband bought $66 worth of gatorade, hot dogs, and -- much to the giddy delight of K-daughter -- sugared cereals.  Other more salubrious purchases (peanut butter, yogurt, apples, and cider) brought the weekly grocery total to $101, making our 13-week grocery average about $138/week.  What is special about 138, you ask?  It's the sum of four consecutive primes:
138 = 29 + 31 + 37 + 41.
Average weekly grocery spending, starting in March.

Total weekly grocery bill for each of those weeks.
Large purchases are coming: strawberry picking is this week. The meat supplies are running low. So $138/week might very well be the low point on our average spending . . . only time will tell, of course.

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