Saturday, March 21, 2020

Evil doorknobs

Context:  K-daughter at the doctors' office, getting (per routine) a checkup because she's expecting a child in June.  She is highly anxious because coronavirus, plus anxiety, plus coronavirus, plus pregnant, plus coronavirus . . . 

K:  The lady had on gloves but then forgot something and touched the door knob amyway. I'm going to die 😭

M:  The evil doorknob!
You know how you painted us light switch covers? Maybe we should paint our doorknobs so they have evil faces. That'd be cool.

K: Hahahahaha that would be funny

M:  Yeah, now I really want to do this.  I just might . . .
 [snip snip snip snip . . . ]

K:  HAHAHAHAAA YES!!!! that's awesome

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