Saturday, January 19, 2019

Miser Family update: this is NOT a helicopter blog

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family household, even though the household has been fairly sparse this week. 

N-son has gone off to school, and that means . . . well, that means he's not here.  How's he doing?  We offered to check in.  We asked the school if they could keep us informed of how he's doing.  They responded, "He's an adult now; he has to manage himself."   And since I've said similar things to the parents of my own students many times in the past, I took my own medicine.  Meaning, I have no idea how N-son is doing, except that he once called J-son on the phone and had a good laugh with his brother.  J-son tells me sports therapy school is getting harder, but he still likes it and is determined to succeed. I am not a helicopter mom.  This is not a helicopter blog.  That's all I can say about my adult sons. 

Me, I started teaching my spring classes this semester, and then I abandoned my students so I could join 5,800 of my nerdiest buddies at the math meetings in Baltimore. My co-author took a photo of me giving a talk; here I am wrapping up some ideas. 

And then below, there's a photo of a bunch of people in the audience actually paying attention to the handout I gave them, at exactly the right time in the talk to pay attention to the handout.  It was scads of fun. 

My husband got back his MRI results; both shoulders will need rotator cuff surgery.  He's trying to figure out how to schedule the surgeries so they don't interrupt his international travels and his bike racing plans -- I'm sure you all know how that goes. 

Although, as far as bike riding goes, he might have to take a bit of a break (!) because his knee is giving him more and more trouble. What he really wants for his next birthday is knee replacement surgery, but his doctor keeps giving him cortisone shots and draining fluid from the knee instead.  Poor guy.

So, as I acquired all these kids I have that are now grown up (and who I'm NOT helicopter parenting!), some people might have figured this would mean that I'd have lots of people to take care of me in my old age.  (And it's true that I-daughter did come over and sub in for me in my granddaughter-care duties when I walked to the emergency room earlier this week.   But apparently I'm fine, with a slight change of meds, so her visit was merely just practice for future decades). 

However, it is already the case that even if I don't need many children to take care of me, I have many descendants who can defend me from attackers.  Not only does one of my step-daughters knock down errant soccer and football players when her team needs her to do so, and not only does J-son box, but now my granddaughter is getting into the act.   K-daughter has signed her up for archery lessons.

So y'all better be nice to me, because I've got a posse. 

And that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in our adventures.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.

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