Saturday, January 12, 2019

drums and ponies and nest-leaving

Well, life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Household.  The biggest news of the week comes at the end:  N-son went off to college today!

Before he left, he bought new clothes, including this red suit.

He asked me about three times, "Don't you want to include this on the blog?"  So I guess I did.  Here's N-son's great red suit.

What else happened?  My husband went to his weekly Tuesdays-with-Toomey protest.  I asked the theme for this week, and he answered,
Today we are eradicating homelessness.
I’m thinking we may not finish today

My husband with a gift from Alise.

Meanwhile, here are too many pictures of N-son playing drums at church.  (A-child joined in later!)

And that's our fledgling, leaving the nest.

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