Monday, July 2, 2018

What to bring to a summer protest

Next time I go to a protest, I'm bringing a hat.  Not just my bike helmet, but a hat to keep the sun off my face.   And more water.
As we gather on the courthouse steps; the shady spots are filling up
fast and the sunny spots are wide open.
There are shady spots to stand, but in a big crowd it's nice to give the shade to people who need it more.    Also,  bring sun screen.  And more water.

Cars that drove by beeped and cheered -- it was so encouraging.
And not water and hats just for me, because lots of other people would have willingly accepted some!  In fact, there were a few kind souls offering protesters bottles of water.  I don't take plastic bottles, but I appreciated the gesture (and I had water on the bike and in my thermos, anyway).  

There were also some really hardy souls:  I loved this dude with the flag, who stood at the top of the steps in the sun with the flag for the longest time, unflinching.  
The sign reads,
"My grandparents didn't flee
Nazi Germany for me to fight
 Nazi Americans
(but I will)
# EndFamilySeparation"
Oh, and a bunch of sheets with song lyrics.   I bet that people would have liked to sing together, but not everyone knows the words to songs.  What's a good set of songs to sing?  I'm working now on We Shall Overcome and America the Beautiful.  I don't know any songs that say "Reunite the kids we tore away from their parents."   Any other suggestions?
Other side:  "I'm Jewish,
but I think Jesus said LOVE ONE ANOTHER".
So here's the list of things to add to my protest bag:
  • a sun hat (or several)
  • Lots of water
  • sun screen
  • sheets with lyrics to songs


  1. We bring a set of permanent markers to share. Poster board, cardboard, premade signs are also helpful to share with people who show up without.

    1. Good idea. I have a bunch of crayons --- I try to use those instead of markers because of plastic, although I admit markers tend to be a lot more visible and easy to use. But crayons might be fun . . . I'll toss those in.

  2. I would humbly suggest This Land is Your Land" by Guthrie and "Lift Every Voice and Sing". Perhaps "This Little Light of Mine".
    NPR had this story which is relevant.
    I also found "The Prayer of The Children" by Kurt Bestor - used for school shootings, to be a very relevant protest song.

    If you're willing to learn/teach some lyrics, I think "Deportees" and "All You Fascists Bound to Loose" are due for a comeback. You can also decide if "Old Man Trump" is appropriate for your ends. It was written about his Dad, but stirring up racial hate seems sufficiently on the nose to me.

    1. I *love* the "This land is your land" suggestion! Just what I was looking for. I don't know the other songs, but I'll be sure to check them out. Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for being out there. I appreciate every person who is able and willing to go out there to show how much they care.