Saturday, June 30, 2018

Miser Family update: hot and hazy version

Summer has arrived.   It's not just that the days are deliciously long, and that the heat has ramped up into the 90's, but I feel myself getting lazy.  I've done very little math this week. But in spite of my slacking off, life continues to be rich and full in the Miser family.

In front of a bunch of cherry trees.
We had an awesome cherry-picking day, where K-daughter and A-child and two students of mine picked something like 17 pounds of cherries, that I've already canned up for the basement larder. 

N-son continues to volunteer daily at our local soup kitchen, and to play drums in church, and he's also been invited to join our campus Public Safety officers as they monitor summer camps and do patrols.  He's thrilled.  There was a dance on campus that the officers invited him to help out at, and he texted me,
I'm so happy I get to “enforce the rules" just for tonight
And N-son has started taking swim lessons at the Y -- swim lessons that K-daughter teaches.
N-son and A-child after a swim lesson.
It's awesome seeing my kids interact in that way.

Speaking of law enforcement and keeping kids together, this has been a big protest week for our family. I joined a group on our courthouse stairs today, advocating for ending family separation and returning children to their parents; it was a relatively small (a hundred-ish people?) group.   My husband, however,  has been a whirlwind of activity.  I asked for his weekly schedule, which includes

Tuesday--Tuesdays With Toomey at the governor's office.
BONUS (also went to Toomey's office, and redirected people who went to the wrong place.)
--Refuse Fascism Protest in front of governor's office.
--Prayer Vigil in North Philadelphia with Malcolm Kenyatta (First openly gay Black candidate for State Legislature).
--conference call about strategy to support George Scott for US Congress in York.
Friday--Protest Against Family Detention--Led by Lawyer Moms. In front of Toomey's office.
-- Possible additional protest of family separation/family detention.
Saturday--End Family Detention, Philadelphia, Logan Circle, near Art Museums.
A few of the people at our local protest today.
I'm feeling amazingly fortunate this summer,  with a wealth of blessings around me, but also feeling a lot like "To whom much is given, from that person much is expected".   May you and yours be similarly prosperous.

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