Sunday, January 15, 2017

Update: food, fights, protests, and twisted arms

Here's our latest family update.

N-son tells me that his first week back at the culinary school has been deliciously productive.  He's learned to make pork, garlic bread from scratch (as in, "put yeast and warm water in a bowl . . . "), tiramisu, and tuna noodle casserole.  Right now he's cooking me dinner.

J-son says (and it's true) that he's training very hard. He has a match on January 28, and we already know that "J-son" will win the match, because both boxers are named J-son!  In unrelated news, at a recent white elephant gift exchange, J-son snagged this amazing gold bling necklace that says "Boss". It's perfect for him: check the attitude!

Two seconds after I snapped this photo,
both boys burst into happy grins.
My husband got to go to Philadelphia (by train, not by bike because of the weather) and serve in a counter-protest to a group of Trump supporters who were protesting Senator Casey's disapproval of Jeff Sessions' appointment as Attorney General. (If you have trouble untangling all those negatives:  my husband supports Casey, but not Sessions or Trump).  He very much enjoyed the chance to hang out with like-minded people and stump publicly in support of his ideals.  

And as for me, I started physical therapy at the beginning of this week.  My sling has been off since January 30, and I'm moving my left arm lots.  I can almost, but not quite, touch my shoulder with my thumb.  I'm not allowed to do cartwheels or pushups yet, and I'm not allowed to ride my bike either, but I've started running with my friends.  So I'm feeling incredibly fortunate and grateful.  

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