Saturday, March 12, 2016

SpiderMan came to dinner at my house

Spiderman came to dinner at my home last night.

Why?  Well, it turns out all of the dinner guests were animals!
Giraffe, goat, zebra, turtle, tiger, peacock, spider, and "the right to arm bears".

Or maybe it's more like the right to eat bears?  Because last night was our family's annual Zoo Dinner.  

Per what has become tradition, all the animals (us) ate through the bars of our chair cages.

New on the menu this year was "hedgehogs" -- they didn't turn out as bristly as I hoped, so I'll have to figure out a better alternative for next year.

But some of our favorites were back.  We look forward every year to the "Boa Constrictor" -- a pesto stromboli-like dish.

And of course, there was a bowl full of "octodogs" (which are actually hexadogs, since I can't quite figure out how to slice eight legs by hand).

And since we mentioned the right to eat bears, we can't forget the ever-popular ham-bear-gers!  (With ground turkey instead of ground beef this year).

And finally, just for comparison purposes, here is a one-year-ago picture of the turtle.  My, how she's grown!