Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What she bought: spilt milk and soggy cell phones

This week, as is fairly usual during the cold winter months, my only shopping trip was to market.  I usually bike there, making it a stop home after I've helped serve breakfast at our local rescue mission.  But the snow we got on Saturday was so humongous that there are still entire streets that are anti-cleared:  not only are the streets still full of snow, but the ends are blocked by giant mounds of snow (taller than a person), where the snow plows dump snow from the main roads.  My bike isn't made for snow.

So I walked the two mile or so to the mission, carrying my backpack on my back. Walking was kind of lovely, especially on the way there, before the sun came up and the cars came out.  Then I walked to market, and I bought dairy stuff: a half gallon of milk, some cheese, two quarts of yogurt.  $17.

And if the story ended there, all would be good.  But that wan't the end of the shopping trip.  On the way back home, when I was super close to home, I decided to stop walking in the snowy streets along with the cars, and instead to cut across our campus, where the facilities crews have been going non-stop with heroic efforts to clear the paths.  I should have stuck with the streets -- dang, why don't I remember that ice is always a worse danger than snow?

At any rate, I hit a little patch of sidewalk that had been cleared, and then had some snow melt onto it, and then froze over.  Invisible ice.  Whomp -- I went down.  I didn't hurt myself or anything.  But about a half a block later, someone noticed that I was leaking milk; the glass milk jug in my backpack had broken.

Six hours later, I realized that my phone wasn't working.  I'm not exactly addicted to my phone -- in fact, the only reason I noticed is that I wanted to take a picture of J-son's newly pierced ears. The phone isn't cracked -- I don't think it was the crash that hurt it; I think it was sitting in milk that zapped the electronics.

Sigh.  I would sort-of love to have no cell phone, but I know my husband would freak.  Fortunately, we happen to have a back-up cell phone waiting for just such an emergency, although I vainly believed it would be my sons' emergency, not mine.

But it's gotta be said, right:  there's no use crying over spilt milk in my cell phone.


  1. Did you try putting your phone in uncooked rice to dry it out? Many times the electronics will work again once they are dry!

    1. Yes, that's actually the FIRST thing I did once I realized my phone was on the fritz. Alas, no luck.