Monday, October 26, 2015

A little Monday "yay": pegs for cutting boards

Here's a little something that makes me happy:  a pair of pegs on my kitchen cabinets.  (Actually, a pair of screws that are acting as pegs until I can find some wooden pegs I like).

The reason I wanted pegs is that we do a lot of chopping and cutting in our kitchen, thanks to food that is homemade (like bread) or unprocessed (like this beautiful bounty of fall vegetables we got recently).

Our cutting boards get a lot of use -- probably once or twice a day on normal days, and even more use on Extreme Cooking Days, I'd say.  And with all the cutting and chopping, we also seem to be doing a fair amount of waiting for washed cutting boards to dry before putting them in cabinets.  And sometimes not waiting, so boards get put away still wet, and so a tad bit of discoloration had affected one of the boards (it got a little ewww-y).

At any rate, I'm a true believer in visible, accessible hooks for things that get a lot of use.  So, a handy-dandy drill, a pair of screws, a new hole in one of the cutting boards, and now I have this.

(Plus, I re-sanded and oiled the ewww-y board, so now it's good-looking again).

And now our cutting boards can hang around, just waiting for action, and easy-as-can-be to put away again once things have been chopped and sliced.  As I said, it's a little thing, but it seems to make such a happy difference.  yay.

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  1. It is amazing how little fixes like this can make such a difference.