Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is it bigger than a bread jar?

In my on-going quest to reduce trash, here is one of my recent happy discoveries: a bread jar.

It was originally, I think, intended to be a flour jar or cookie jar, but I use it to store home-made bread.  I can slice the bread, toss the slices and all the crumbs in the jar, and then watch the slices of bread disappear as people snack.  No stale bread in our home anymore.

When the jar empties out, I use the crumbs in fruit crisp or other dishes.  Then I bake some more.  


  1. We made brioche today (for a party... two parties, actually... it's a busy weekend). So yummy!

    1. My mouth is watering . . . I might have to try this sometime. I've never made brioche. Imagine! -MM

  2. Replies
    1. Easy to carry to the dining room table, looks classy, . . . and no plastic bags. Total win. -MM