Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Dinner: a dinner to die for

A dinner I began planning eleven months ago finally happened last night.  On the menu were the following delectable delicacies:

A tray of zombie eyeballs:

Mummy-face meatloaf (with many thanks to Dogs-or-Dollars for the suggestion!)
 Salted Rat Brains (amazingly, they look a lot like cauliflower!):
 Water with skeleton straws, saved from last month's Pirate Dinner.
 After dinner we grooved to Michael Jackson's Thriller.  Who grooved?  Who moved?  Well, the zombie rapper and Super N-Man boogied down . . .
 As did the Dinosaur Lifeguard and the Queen of Calculus.
There was also a biker dude, but he moved too fast for us to get his photo.

Speaking of bicycles . . . tomorrow we all get to meet the Sudden Painful Death Machine.  Are we ready?

But in the meanwhile, enjoy your Ogre Poop!

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