Monday, October 22, 2012

$135: aimless spending

In a totally abstracted, undirected way, we spent $122 on food this week: garlic, peanuts, candy, yeast, peanut butter.  What's up with that list?

The two most photogenic purchases of the week were the apple machine and the brussels sprouts.
In back, you see the apple peeler/corer/slicer I'd borrowed from my friend June with a now-bent blade.    (Um, June doesn't have a bent blade; the machine does).  June swore up and down she'd never have wanted the peeler/corer/slicer back anyway, but still, I got one [in front] that works.  We'll keep it in my house, and I made June promise she'll come ask me if she wants to borrow it back.  There are few things in life that make me feel as slimy as breaking something that belongs to a friend, even if the friend doesn't want it anymore.  

But wait!  There's more!  As I was lamenting shelling out $45 for a mail-order machine, my pal Judy convinced me I could get a good one via Craigs' List.  And Judy, of course, was right.  So I ended up shelling out only $15 (less money, yay!), and doing the environmentally sounder thing of purchasing used instead of new.  

Speaking of environmental, I decided to combine a shopping trip to market with my long weekend run. I'd meant to pick up just some yeast and a bit of sandwich turkey, but then I fell in love with this stalk of brussels' sprouts.
 [News flash: it's harder to run the last 2 miles home
with a 2-foot tall stalk of brussels sprouts
than without it!]
This week's purchases bring our 31-week grocery average to $135/week.  In base 10, 135 has some semi-photogenic aspects itself.  For example,

[Thanks to Wikipedia for the photos of those equations].

There is no theme or conclusion to be made here.  Grocery-wise, it was that kind of week.

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  1. Nice stalk of brussels. I didn't know they grew up that way.
    You sure had a hard trip back home with that heavy stalk.
    By the way, nice tree-house outside the window.