Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ninja umbrellas

Lesson of the day:  Buying on impulse is expensive.  Using what you already have is often both faster and cheaper.  Taking proper care of what you already have is better yet.

The correct Ninja Umbrella has finally arrived.  J-son, now much the wiser, will now tell anybody who listens that it should not be used to shovel snow . . . little chance of that in this warm weather.   A little lesson that wound up costing him some $27 -- ouch!

As often happens, whatever J-son has, N-son wants.  Fortunately, it is easy to make a scabbard for an existing umbrella, especially if (like me) you have saved a few scraps of black fabric and various canvas straps.   I love using what I have already to solve jealousy problems.

Here are my Ninja boys, headed for school, with their dangerous snow shovels umbrellas slung across their backs.
Yes, they're Ninjas.
I barely managed to get this photo
before they disappeared from view.
Here they are in their Ninja clothes . . . 

Watch out!

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