Saturday, March 10, 2012

When it rains, it snows.

Not everyone in the world is as weirdly frugal as I am.

I forget this sometimes.  Like attracts like, so I naturally tend to hang out with other used-clothes fanatics, gardeners, and make-it-yourselfers.  I start to think I'm sort of normal.  Well, normal-ish.

And then I get a package in the mail that reminds me there's another world of people out there.

This particular saga started with umbrellas.  Everyone in our family has his or her own umbrella, because we walk a lot, even when it rains.  Last fall, J-son left his umbrella at school, and it got lost.  Or something. So he had to buy a new one with his own savings, temporarily depleting his "emergency fund".  He purchased a fantastic umbrella, decorated with the logos of his favorite sports team.

Do you know whether umbrellas are good at shoveling snow?  This was an experiment that J-son felt compelled to try one afternoon.  In case you are dying with curiosity about the answer, here it is:
Do not shovel snow with an umbrella.  Not even one that has the logo of your favorite sports team.  This method does not bother the snow at all, but it's murder on the umbrella.
Broken umbrella, from the outside.

The underbelly.

We attempted the old chopstick fix, so handy in many other umbrella repairs.  It did not hold.  J-son's mother suspects that there may have been other wrassling factors involved in the non-holding of this particular fix.  So J-son's re-pleted emergency fund was once again de-pleted.  This time, J-son opted for the Ninja umbrella.  Very cool. Highly desirable.

Every day for a week now, J-son has run home from school to see whether his new treasure has arrived. Today, an umbrella box showed up on the doorstep, but inside it there was no umbrella.  Instead, in a switcheroo that Shakespeare would have loved, we got somebody else's snow gauge.  Sort of umbrella shaped.  But not very good at keeping us dry.
This is not an umbrella.  We are not amused.
Someone somewhere just paid $20 for a measuring stick.  That person is not a Miser Mom.  Miser Mom would never pay $20 for a blue piece of plastic with numbers on it.

That person also is the surprised recipient of a very cool, highly desirable, Ninja umbrella.  It might look a little like a snow gauge, but I would advise that person not to confuse it with a snow shovel.

Gratuitous photo of the ghost-eyed dog
next to the snow gauge and umbrella-shaped box.
Just because I love my dog, too.

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  1. Haha LOVE it! Thanks for sharing a good laugh!