Monday, March 26, 2012


Here are some pictorial updates from the Miser Mom household.  We begin with two more pictures of our last-Friday visit with our soon-to-be son.  (He's front-and-center, both photos).

The three boys have been playing basketball and soccer in the hot sun.
You can be glad you can see them and not smell them.
They all smell like teenagers.

Where are all our girls?  For four different reasons, in Virginia.  Some of the reasons involve boyfriends.  Some of those boyfriends have not yet come to meet their girlfriend's mother.  But they seem to be nice men anyway.  
Week 4: Weekly total for groceries: $26.50 (I spent $25 for olive oil, and K-daughter spent $1.50 on potatoes).  We're still living mostly off of what's in the freezer and what we've canned, clearly.  Otherwise, who'd want to eat at our home? . . . "Potatoes and oil for dinner, again?!?"

This means that the four-week grocery average is $204; not a prime number.   Still, it's twice what I believe the average really ought to be, long-term.  It is true that 204 (in the usual base 10 description) is also 11001100 in base 2, which is sort of cool. [Extra credit:  Can you divide 11001100 in half, base 2?]

J-son begged me to take a picture of the transformer he built.  Here, it is, guarding those tomato plants that are sprouting in my canning jars.  As predicted, they have sprouted in time for my birthday.

Did I say "birthday"?
I did.  

As of today, I'm officially pushing 50.  Closer to the big Five-Oh than to any other X-Oh.  For people who worry about what it means to be 46, I will just say, do you realize how many famous people have been 46? I've been waiting to be 46 all my life.  Now I'm here.  Yay!

And since we're pointing toward the future, tomorrow I will share some of my favorite modern money-savers.

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