Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hang it all

Keeping things in the air, so to speak, keeps them from cluttering up my flat surfaces (so that all the other junk I have can clutter up my flat surfaces, instead, apparently).  I'm a sucker for a good right hook -- or a suction-cup hook, or a metal hook.  Just get that thing off the shelf and onto the wall. 

I've made special containers to hang earrings and tools and more.  A place at eye-level makes it easy to find those things.   Here are a few more things I've suspended around the home.

Suction cup hooks are great
at holding toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Another way to keep toiletries up in the air.
My sewing basket hangs from a hook in my ceiling above my desk.

If photographs of my favorite people can go on the wall,
why not my favorite (and decrepit) old teddy bears?

This lamp was meant for a table-top.  Now it's a flying cow-pig-lamp.

I decided to have a living curtain for this window.
The pot hangs on a hook; the vine grows over several
tension rods that I scavanged from other windows.

Having all these things on my walls and windows might explain why our home renovation (insulating all these walls) was such a big deal . . . more on that tomorrow.

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