Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hang it all (earrings version)

There are all sorts of commercial earring holders out there, but many people have figured out that it's really easy to make your own.  I've seen beautiful earring connections hung on lace, with the lace hung over a dowel rod.  I used to have a lace version myself with an embroidery hoop stretching everything out.  It got so old and dusty that I just ditched it.  My current earring holder is functional but not so pretty; it contains the remnants of a drum lid that my boys destroyed, plus some army netting my husband brought home.

I think it's really funny that these guy things I salvaged are now my froofy girl wall decoration.

I liked making this earring holder (not just because it's not as dusty!) but because it typifies several good frugal habits:

  1. Organize by hanging things.  
  2. Use what you have, instead of buying something new.
  3. Humor is more helpful than perfectionism.

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