Friday, January 27, 2012

T-shirt quilt update

The t-shirt quilt is now done.  Phew!  When we last left our hero, I was just pinning the t-shirts to the sheet that I used as backing.  For this particular quilt, I decided to add strips of material to the spaces between the shirts.
Here, I'm pinning the strip, good side down,
to the shirts and also to the sheet underneath.
After I sew the seam, I'll fold it up and sew it to the shirts above.

I pinned the heck out of everything.  Then I rolled the quilt up, and sent it through the machine.

After I'd sewed on edge of the strip down, I unrolled the quilt, smoothed everything out again, and folded the strip over the other t-shirts.
Here, I've folded that middle strip up, doubled it over,
and pinned it to the t-shirts above it. 
That gave me my horizontal strips.  I did the same for the vertical strips.  And this was the result.
The finished quilt, with a dog bone nearby.
Not bad, really.

Professional quilters probably don't get as much dog hair on the quilt as I do -- all that rolling and unrolling, smoothing things out on the living room carpet really adds to the quantities of lint and dirt that this baby picked up (and we really did vacuum this year, I swear!)  But I shook the quilt vigorously, and it didn't fall apart.  And the t-shirts give it a nice heft.  Could be worse.

Total cost?
  • The sheet I used was a discarded flat sheet (the bottom fitted sheet had holes in it, but the flat sheet was in fine condition).  Cost: 0.
  • The t-shirts were all free; mementos of past events.  And they were heavy enough (two layers) that I didn't use any batting in between the shirts and the sheet.  Cost: again, 0.
  • It's hard to reckon how much the thread cost; I've picked up a bunch at yard sales and as gifts, but definitely less than $1, probably not even a dime.
So there you have it, a ten-cent quilt.  Dog hair included at no extra cost.

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  1. Hi, Annalisa. Marion Cohen here, just googling various people I know, maybe want to know more about (like my sister...), and want to tell you that I make skirts (sometimes dresses) out of T-shirts (Trapezoids have a lot to do with it.). Usually black background but sometimes grey, always some kind of color theme. Wish I needed more skirts... people tell me I could sell them, make a lot of $, but I'd rather do math and writing, and keep thrifting in the family. Your family sounds like a lot of fun. And the quilt looks great!