Thursday, January 19, 2012

Macaroni and children

Here is a photo of N-son making macaroni and cheese -- not the stuff from the box, but the real thing.
Chopping Peppers
Running the food processor to grate the cheese
Adding the cheese to the pot, one handful at a time.
Cooking with the boys has re-started in earnest.  They each make a dinner one night a week -- or, at least, that's the plan.  Right now, it still takes more of my time to "help" them than it would to make the dinner on my own . . . ugh.  But I'm holding out hope for the future.

And (here comes the proud Mama part), rays of hope burst forth.  J-son has fallen in love with stroganoff (not coincidentally, one of my sister's favorite meals to make when she was a young cook).  It's not that hard to make, and he's getting close to be able to do it on his own.

Even more, when our church started a Meal Chain for a woman we know who's undergoing chemo, both of my boys decided to put their own names down to cook a meal each.  They're proud of what they can do on their own (with a little help from their mom).  And for that, their mom is awfully proud of them.

Actually, you want to know how proud I am?  I'm so proud I'm actually thinking of spending money on this.  I've been eyeballing ChopChop, a really cool cooking magazine for kids.  They keep this up, and I'm digging into the wallet.  And that's no yoke.


  1. That's a great story. I just found your blog and wish you all the best. It looks like you and your family are finding the small things in life that help and create such happiness. I wish the best for you all and your new found connection.


    1. Thanks, Brian! We celebrate the happy things where we can find them. Now, if only we could make homework fun!
      -- MM