Monday, September 5, 2011

The last little bit: toothpaste and deodorant

Any frugal person knows how to put one bottle of goopy stuff up-side down on another bottle to drain out the last little bit.  We frugal-meisters consider it completely normal to transfer the small remnants of ketchup (or syrup, or vegetable oil) from one bottle to another.   I've been surprised to find that this isn't universal practice.  Wow!

It's possible to use the last bits of not-so-goopy things, too.  How do you use up the last little bit of toothpaste?  You can cut open the tube and stick your toothbrush right on in.

It's also possible to salvage the last pieces of lip balm or deodorant with the help of the microwave oven.  To do this, take several nearly-done containers of deodorant.  With a spoon or knife, scrape the stuff from all but one container into a small microwavable bowl.  Heat for a very short time  (5-10 seconds?).  The stuff will soften up.  Pour/scoop it into the remaining container.  (I've found that deodorant bottles have holes in bottom.  If I nuke ALL of the stuff, then the mixture leaks through those holes.  Leaving the stuff solid in the bottom of one jar avoids this mess).

The mixture takes about a half hour to cool and harden again.  Then it's ready to use!


  1. Sounds like a good idea, I'll try it. I use Tom's deodorant, which I like, but it drives me nuts to have so much left over when I'm finished. Do you also mix your liquid soap with water to make it go further? Not that I want to start a miser war...

  2. Dorothy, Thanks for the question! I am going to write a post about this October 10 (with a related follow-up on October 11). The short answer is "sometimes".