Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hang it all

If fixing a household object first means hunting for and then digging out the tools I need, there's a good chance I'll put off doing the repair.  So I've taken a tip from my uber-organized mom and made a tool-hanger that goes on a wall in my kitchen.  This solves the hunting and digging problem, allowing me to get straight to the fixing.

My mom's hung on her pantry door, tucked out of sight.  It seemed like it was a weekly family ritual that my mom would have to holler, "WHO TOOK MY SCISSORS?" (or screwdriver, or hammer . . . ) It was clear that these were the easiest tools to get to; but somehow we weren't always so good at putting them back!

I've had a tool hanger in my kitchen basically all my adult life.  Recently I realized that the reason I keep putting off tasks that involve using my drill is because my drill was tucked away on an overfull shelf in the garage.  So I made a very simple hangar using a canvas tote bag I got from some conference I went to.  The bag had a fold-over flap that, when I folded it up, became the "tools" section.  (All I had to do was sew on some nylon straps, scavenged from other projects, to hold the tools).  I threaded a pole through the top to add some support, and added a loop at the top so I can hang the thing up.  
This bag now hangs on a door in my sewing room, where it's easily accessible for household projects.  Why didn't I think of this before?

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