Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More glimpses of my family

More snapshots of my family vacation, taken from a miser point of view.

My father's girlfriend, whom I love dearly, listened very politely as I told her about using t-shirt rags instead of something disposable.  (See my post on "A paper towel panic").   She turned to my husband and said, "I've already got your Christmas present, but if I didn't, I'd know just what to get you!  A BIG BOX of paper towels!"

Poor guy.  It's nice to know somebody pities him.

My daughter knits constantly.  She's had a lot of fun making bags out of bags.  She starts with plastic grocery bags that she cuts into strips, which she winds into balls, which she crochets into bags.


We always start the week of our family vacation by reading over brochures about local attractions and  writing out a giant list of all the possible things we could do in the week.   Then, for each event, everybody writes her or his symbol in one of three columns:
  1. Yes, I absolutely want to do this.
  2. I'll do this, but just to be with other people.
  3. No, I don't want to do this.
After we know what everyone thinks, we plan the week with some whole-family events and some events for smaller groups.  Here's this year's list, written on the only paper we had available at the time: a brown paper grocery bag.  On the back of the bag is the roster for who's making dinner.  

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