Friday, July 15, 2011

A bag of trash

On Wednesday, the family gathered for our annual photo, and then we traveled to Yellowstone Park to see Old Faithful.
We packed sandwiches and fruit for our lunch stop, and wrapped these in an assortment of pre-cycled bags, reusable containers, and aluminum foil, much of which we could use again.

It is hard to know how much money we spent making these lunches, or how much we would have spent if we had stopped instead at a restaurant.  But one visible evidence of how little we wasted came when we had to haul away all the trash we created at lunch.  
Here is the trash that 14 people created at our lunch stop.  A good bit of what's in this bag is apple cores -- at home, we'd compost that, but we saw a bear from the window of our car, and signs everywhere warned us to throw away all food scraps.

Yellowstone was such an incredibly beautiful park.  It was the perfect place to encourage saving the earth's resources, and not just our own money.

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