Thursday, May 27, 2021

Covid-19 in my corner of the world

In my little city, the number of daily deaths is now down to "only" about one or two a day, and the number of new daily diagnosed cases is in double digits, down from triple digits.

One of my running buddies is from a family that is highly vaccine hesitant.   She was a bit uncertain herself, and so she decided to talk to her doctor about whether to get vaccinated.   (I have to say, I'm really impressed that she decided to go that route instead of chasing internet stories or friend-sourcing her info; it's so easy to fall into confirmation bias, especially these days.)

After the conversation with her doctor, she made the further choice to stop talking about vaccines with her mom until she herself had made it through the process.  She got both shots with almost no side effects, and as she rounded the plus-two-weeks corner, she was getting ready to tell her parents about her experience.   But then both her mom and dad came down with Covid-19, and her dad's case is severe enough that even after being released from the hospital, he's still on oxygen at home.  So she figured now isn't exactly the best time to say, "hey, mom and dad!  Guess what I did in spite of you?".

Her dad, after a week or two, is slowly coming off of full-time oxygen needs.  My friend just did her second half-marathon this month. Not like those two things are related at all; I'm just so impressed with her stamina and with her ways of navigating choices in the world.

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