Saturday, April 20, 2019

Miser Family update: money dinner, recovery, hvac, and God-things.

The week kicked off with our annual Money Dinner, celebrating tax day.  We broke out the giant table-cloth decorated like a Miser-Family dollar, and the napkins with US currency themes, and our motley collection of coins and bills from around the world.  We dressed in bling (one of our friends gifted me with gold (plastic) dollar-sign necklaces.  The menu featured

  • soft pretzels shaped like dollars and cents ('cause we all could use some dough),
  • Bringing Home the Bacon,
  • Render unto Caesar Salad,
  • the golden eggs (hardboiled), without the goose that laid them, and
  • sausage shaped like coins.
We invited a friend who has a financial company, and asked him for advice.  He says he has two pieces of advice he gives his kids:
  1. earn more than you spend, and 
  2. spend less than you earn.
So, that was the Money Dinner,  which made us feel both rich and full in the Miser Family household.

The rest of the week continued apace.  
  • N-son put in long hours in the kitchen and warehouse of our local rescue mission.  
  • My husband tossed and turned by night, and went to physical therapy by day.  He seems to be getting slowly better, but oh, so, oh, so slowly.  
  • K-daughter told me she's thinking of going back to school in the fall for HVAC stuff, and I'm trying not to cheer so ferociously that I startle her.  
  • L-daughter tells me that all my days of torturing tutoring her at Othello have paid off when she won "multiple times" at Connect 4 in a restaurant near her.  (I didn't have the heart to tell her that's not my Othello training; J-son whomps me at Connect 4 regularly). 
  • I'm getting close to the end of the semester; I had both of my Calculus classes over to the house to wrap up our lessons on Taylor's series, and we actually had a lot of fun.  It might have helped that they all fell in love with our yellow wiggly dog, who adored my students right back.
  • I-daughter took N-son to see our local production of Godspell, and K-daughter joined in, too. It's so good to see my children developing their own independent theater-going habits.
This evening, my husband is off at the synagogue at a Seder service.  For the first time since his knee surgery, he's in jeans (instead of baggy sweatpants) AND he's out of the house for several hours.  See, I told you he's getting better!   And I'm preparing for Easter -- putting together baskets that have mini-canning jars with colorful lids instead of plastic eggs.   

I wish everyone who celebrates these a wonderful holy weekend.   We're feeling wealthy in our adventures.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.

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