Saturday, April 27, 2019

Miser Family update, color, socks, more color, No Hands version

Life has been rich and full this week in the Miser Family household this week.  Let's start with the big news.  The really, really big news.


My husband put on his socks!  Whoop!

This is the first time he's worn socks since his knee replacement surgery.  See those bent legs?  He's making great progress.  He's still got intermittent pain and having trouble sleeping, so he feels kinda miserable a bunch of the time, but since I'm allowed to be heartless about his feelings, I can be happy that he's walking farther and farther, that his physical therapy keeps helping him flexing more and more, and that he's even taking trains to Tuesday with Toomey protests again.  Plus, he can put on his socks!  Life just gets better and better, peeps.

The week started with a grand Easter, gathering a bunch of my kids like a mother hen gathers a bunch of her chicks, and they dye eggs together.  We had Easter waffles, which are a lot like regular waffles except they're on Easter.  And we had a hunt for white eggs, which we then dyed. 
Eggs in process of being dyed.

Dyed eggs

And then N-son and A-child got down on the floor to color together, which was kind of adorable.

Later in the week, we celebrated being together (or something, we weren't actually quite sure what the celebration was about, but we knew HOW to celebrate whatever it was) with the No Hands Dinner.  You know you're jealous.

What else?  I-daughter took me out to a fabulous performance of Godspell.  The singing was amazing, and the story was all the more poignant with an African American woman cast as Jesus.  

As for me, I finished up my classes for the spring semester.  And either my dog and I are both coming down with leprosy, or else I'm doing a lot of house painting and she stays close to me.  

And that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in our adventures.  And in socks.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.  

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