Saturday, June 23, 2018

Miser Family update, starts and finishes version

Life continues to to be startlingly rich and finishing-ly full in the Miser Family.   That is, we've had lots of good starts and finishes. The week started with an awesome Father's Day bike race, that both my husband and N-son took part in.

My husband is the guy in black right under the "start" of the banner.
The riders are a lot more spread out when they finish.
I was too busy cheering like a maniac for N-son to take pictures of him, but I managed to get a few blurry photos of my speedy spouse.
In this spread-out photo, my husband is the third of four people.
A-child came over for the day, and had a different kind of challenge.  Salad?  She wasn't entirely sure about it until I took photos so I could show her mom that she actually finished the salad.  (How did grandparents convince kids to eat healthy before cell phones?)
I love the smile here.  Totally faked, I can assure you!
We got to go see I-daughter sing her heart out, or her lungs out, or something like that, at our local production of Hunchback.  The performance was full of amazing singers and passion -- lots of fun.  I'm so proud of this kiddo of mine.  She has another month before the show closes.

On Friday, I drove back to the neighborhood where I grew up, and met up with one of my former Girl Scout camping buddies.  This is, like, the first time I've seen her since we graduated high school, and it was amazing being back together . . . somehow, I learned more about her teenage years on this trip than I had when we'd hung out together.  She had gone through some astounding challenges I'd had no idea about, just no idea.  And she's managed to put together a life that's full of generosity to many people around her, including a bunch of other adults who she's taken in, who share the house with her and her husband.  I was just so impressed.

And Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans, to boot! 
N-son was thrilled when I told him.
And that's the weekly news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in ways to cheer for and with one another.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.

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