Sunday, January 14, 2018

Miser Family update: Travel and Tech edition

A big ship with a bunch of planes that I saw. 
My husband and N-son would have loved seeing this in person,
but instead it was me. ah, well. 
Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Mom family.

Last week, N-son's old phone died the death of being loved far too enthusiastically.  His father believes in the necessity of working cell phones the way apocryphal mothers believe in the primacy of clean underwear.*  So N-son got a new cell phone, plus our family bought ourselves a back-up cellphone because . . . well.  Because. In the meanwhile, this week my husband brought N-son's old, enthusiastically-loved cell phone to a repair place to see whether it would be worth fixing.  The two tech-y Russian repair guys looked at the phone and sneered.  No, not worth fixing. So there's another electronic device headed for the universe of recycling. 

* (True story:  A decade or so ago, when my husband was in the emergency room because of a broken neck, and the plastic surgeon was reattaching my husband's face to his skull, my husband was urging me to make sure his cell phone was okay.  It was, don't worry).  

Again, a photo that my guys would appreciate
more than I do.  This is for you, guys!
Continuing in the tech-break-ology theme:  J-son came back into town for a morning to deal with some administrative/legal stuff.  After my husband drove J-son back to his former foster mom's house, the little old 2001 Prius dashboard lit up with many, many red flashing warning signals.   Our usual mechanic said that the diagnostic codes were top-secret, and so we'd have to take the car to the Toyota dealer.  Fortunately, the Toyota dealer says that the problem is actually relatively minor:  there was carbon build-up in the throttle body.  I didn't know that my car even had something called a "throttle body", but that's now become one of my favorite phrases to say three times fast. 

K-daughter texted me with lots of recipes that she's been making: Zucchini lasagna, turkey meat balls and organic lentil, quinoa spinach zucchini soup.  Man, I wish I could eat at her house!

But the reason that I keep describing what happens to my kids and my husband without me involved is because I've spent the week in San Diego at the math meetings.   Toward the end of the week, though, I got to eat dinner with my sister, her husband, and one of my nieces**.  That was a lot of fun! 

**My other niece was off at some 4-H event, completely out of contact.   She lost her cell-phone a while back, and has been cell-phone-less ever since.  My husband would freak.

And that's the news from our family, who continue to be prosperous in our adventures.  May you and yours be similarly wealthy.


  1. How is the singing going? I've been thinking about your resolution a lot. I like to sing and do so often with my kids, but I do find I have gaps in lyrics. I am working on learning some of the songs I love better so I can sing the whole thing.

    1. I think this is a TOTALLY awesome resolution, because it's (a) fun, and (b) hard to do. For example, this past week I spent essentially two full days in airports and on airplanes. I did not sing while on the airplanes. And my AirBnB place had a bunch of other people in nearby rooms, so I didn't really want to full-out sing and disturb them. The practicalities of finding a time and place to sing are really interesting, even from a sociological standpoint.

      That being said, I did some singing on the sidewalks, mostly in places where people were spread out. And I got a few smiles from the people who happened to overhear me. I've got a few songs under my (mental) belt, and I'm also getting memory flashbacks to all sorts of songs we used to sing in Girl Scouts.

      This week school starts back up. I'm curious what that will do to my singing -- since there will be more people in my office building, plus a few more constraints on my time.

    2. Have you heard of a "bookmark habit"? I'm reading about habits on the blog yes & yes. A bookmark habit is when you have a tiny something to keep you in a daily habit. Maybe you can't sing a song at full volume, but you can be sure to consciously hum a song every day to yourself or commit to working on memorizing the lyrics even if you can't belt a song out.

      That said . . . I totally sing randomly when walking around and stuff. I used to work in downtown Seattle and would sing on the sidewalk when waiting for my ride.

    3. What kind of a "tiny something"? I haven't heard of this, but I have a little page that looks a bit like a bookmark with spaces for check-marks each day. I'm keeping track of my singing, and push-ups, and dog training, and such, more for motivation (love me that check mark!) than for record keeping. When I see some habit/task that keeps getting frowny-faces (mindful eating . . . sigh), I put a bit of extra attention into how to restructure to make that into an easier habit to keep. Is that what you mean?