Sunday, July 3, 2016

Throw-it-together and give it a name

This weekend, two of my family's favorite racers won big events.  (When I say "my family", I specifically mean "N-son and my husband", because they're the big race fans; J-son is spending the week visiting his former foster mom, and I am not a race fan and mostly just get to hear loud cheering and/or groans.)   Some dude named Hamilton won some automobile race, and some other dude named Sagan won a stage of the Tour de France.  There has been much jubilation among the men-folk in the Miser Mom household.

I made dinner in much the usual way:  scavenge the fridge for random material, throw it in a pot, and add salt and oil.  This is a surprisingly effective technique for generating an amazing variety of yummy dinners as well as for using up good food that might otherwise go bad.  Adding a name to the dish makes it taste even better (my church group says, "I've never had Tyrolean Vegetable Medley before; it's fabulous!"  Heh-heh!  Neither have I!).

And really, even unlikely pairings of vegetables seem to go well together.  So here, for your gustatory pleasure,  is the recipe for
Hamilton-Sagan Stew.

Heat a skillet with bit of oil in it.  Add a quart-sized canning jar of sliced onions (because we're so happy we could cry) and also some finely sliced beets (because our heroes can't be beat).   Total bonus coolness: the beets turn the onions red.

Then dice up the stalk of celery that is still good but is too limp for your husband, who normally loves celery, and add those diced pieces, leaves and all, to the pot.  Because, our racer heroes are going to have an even bigger take-home celery if they keep winning.  And then dice some leftover sausage (because I never saw-such great racing?) and toss that in, too.  And add some salt because these racer are worth their . . . um . . . salt.

Good enough that everyone asked for seconds.  Even though the whole point of the meal was a pair of firsts!

N-son shows what's left.  He says that holding the lid like this,
he looks like Captain America!

[Here's a thank-you to my friends for your condolences on the last show of my favorite radio guy.  I'm recovering from my intense sadness.  A bit.]

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