Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Toilet Tank Tuesday?

Y'know, I am not really planning to have a regular Toilet Repair segment on this blog.  No "Five Frugal Things Friday, Three Thrifty Things Thursday, and Toilet Tank Tuesday" routine for me.

But the thing is, I got back from Seattle to find that our host daughter, Y, was nervous about the upstairs toilet because it flushed slowly.  (This is a different toilet from the one I repaired just before I left for the math meetings).  I checked it out, did some hefty plunging, a bit of icky cleanup, and declared swift-flowing success.

Except that the next time the toilet was used for, um, substantial business, the slowness problem returned.  More plunging, more cleaning, more declarations of success.  Repeat this paragraph a few times.

That is why, on Saturday, I brought N-son and J-son into the bathroom for their first lesson in how to use a plumber's snake.  And the real lesson we all learned from this particular exercise is this:

Do not flush toothbrushes down the toilet.  

I mean, you probably knew that.  You probably also know not to brush your teeth in the toilet, so how this particular problem occurred, I do not even want to contemplate.  But at least now we know, just in case we had ever thought to wonder, what happens when a toothbrush gets dropped . . . well, never mind.  Back to doing math. 


  1. Yuck.

    Our second toilet is also in need of repair, something we didn't figure out until DH had completely replaced the innards of the first one. Apparently whenever the water pressure changes it just sort of refills itself. The first toilet used to do this too, but doesn't anymore. I'm secretly worried that if DH fixes the second one, one of the toilets will explode from the additional pressure. So I haven't been pushing it.

    1. Or maybe the kitchen sink will fall apart, instead!

      (But that's a subject for tomorrow's post, unfortunately!)

    2. The dishwasher is already broken...