Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Miser family in print

Buried deep in the middle of a supplemental issue to the September "Real Simple" magazine is a short blurb on our family.

Which is funny.  I mean, anyone who knows the difference between adjectives and adverbs knows the name of the mag should begin "Really"; and at any rate, if they're profiling a family that has goodness-knows-how-many people with a total of six last names among us, then it ought to be "Really Complicated".  

At any rate, now we're famous.  Or something.


  1. Exciting!

    I always thought that the title was ironic, because almost every article I've seen in there has been Fake Simple, or, as you say, Complicated.

    1. Yeah, when long ago, I first saw that magazine, I figured, "This is for me!". But then I looked inside . . . 12 things you can buy to help you declutter. 7 time-intensive ways to make decorations you don't actually need. And their latest . . a family so complicated that their fact checker had to send us something like 6 different emails full of questions just to make sure they got their details right.

      But my husband (the PR guy) is super happy about the spread. So that's something! -MM