Friday, August 17, 2012

My weight in vegetables

I was going to write something pithy and mathy about payback times, but then K-daughter asked if we could go peach picking.  And of course I said, 'yes'.  Good to spend time with her, and also, peaches are one of the least time-intensive fruits to pick and to can.

On the way, we decided to stop at a roadside veggie stand and grab some tomatoes as well, to make spaghetti sauce -- that was one of the things we kept running out of last year.  By "some tomatoes", I guess I mean "a heck of a lot of tomatoes".  Because when we finally came home, this is what our dining room table looked like:

That pile includes 60 pounds of tomatoes (cost, $14), congregated together in this giant party tub.
 It includes 40 green peppers ($10).
And, of course, it includes 62 lbs of hand-picked peaches ($62).   I think it took us 5 minutes to get this many peaches.  I love peach picking!
After we hauled this loot into the kitchen, we went to pick up our CSA shares:  corn, eggplant, potatoes --- and two large bags of tomatoes.  Then my neighbor came over and brought me some leftover vegetables from last week, including another bag of tomatoes.  Plus, while I was away, she'd harvested some food from the garden for me.  Yes, more tomatoes.

All together, this is more than my weight in fruit and vegetables for only $86.  But aside from the cost of all this, I love what I do NOT see on the table.  Plastic.  Trash of any kind, really.

I know what I'm doing today, I guess.  The ketchup is bubbling in the crockpot right now, and the canning jars are coming up from the basement.  Things are going to get hot around here today.

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