Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Special Dinner -- Siete de Mayo

¡Ayer por la noche celebrémos el Siete de Mayo!

That means, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo two days late.  Our special dinner last night was tacos and rice, but it was very colorful.

Hablé en español todo el tiempo hasta que mi familia se fueron locos.  (I drove my family nuts by speaking only in Spanish).  

The dinner was lots of fun, except for the speaking Spanish part (and even that was fun for me).  And the best part came at the end of dinner.  I put on a dance tape I'd bought on my trip to Mexico two dozen years ago.  
Yuri:  You gotta hear this.  Listen when you can get up and dance.
Yuri was a Mexican phenom; I might describe her style as a cross between Madonna and Joan Jett.  Way back in the day, I danced over and over to ¿Que te pasa?, and last night I got to include my family in the fun. 

Miser Mom shows her sons the moves.  N-son is bowled over.

¡Disfrute el momento!
Live it up!


  1. ¡Qué ideas tan divertidas! ¡No sabía que hablaras español...!! ¡Me alegro! :-)