Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Special dinner: Money!

Our family's special dinner for April was last night.  Just in time for Tax Day, we had . . .

We decorated the table with a green "tablecloth" (sheet), topped with money my husband had picked up in his business travels all around the world.  (We got out the globe and got to have geography lessons, hearing stories about Singapore, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, and the Netherlands).
The "tablecloth" was pale green -- trust me.
The menu for the evening sent the message that we're brining home the bacon:
Turkey bacon from Market.

That we got us a pile o' lettuce:
Lettuce with a strawberry vinagrete dressing
 (we're out of honey, so I used strawberry jam in the dressing instead.  That's a keeper!)

That we're rolling in the dough:
Soft pretzels are my fastest bread recipe to make.
 All-in-all, we agreed that we're rich together.  Yes!

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  1. What a fun idea! Why do I never have fun ideas? I must be a really boring Mom. You ROCK!