Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waffle repair waffling-redux

Last fall, my last waffle iron broke.  I tried some really tacky-looking, temporary repairs, but decided they were too cheap-looking even for me.  Several months later, I've reconsidered quite how low I am willing to stoop.
Review of last-semester's syllabus:  The trouble with the waffle iron was the little plastic hinges broke.  I "repaired" them with chopsticks, but called the company that makes my baby for a fix.  I got new hinges, free of charge.  Rejoicing.

Here's the update.  Those new hinges broke, too.  I called again, and I got 2 more sets of hinges, again free of charge.  And each of those broke, too.  I think the problem is that Black-and-Decker expects us to store the thing horizontally, whereas we store it vertically.  And darned if I want to rearrange my life to make little plastic pieces happy.

So we're back to the chopsticks.  They're not shiny chrome or  svelte black plastic, but they're biodegradable, and free, and they keep one more appliance from making its one-way trip to the landfill.

Sometimes being a good Miser Mom just isn't pretty.

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