Monday, January 23, 2012

Sew Good!

I am not smart enough about anatomy to know where the cockles of my heart are, but I know they just got warmed.

Look at this cute knitting-needle holder.
A knitting needle holder, unrolled.

Rolled up and ready to travel!
What makes this particular item so cockle-warming is that it's the very first solo homemade project of my very first child.  (Also my only homemade child, but that's another story).

I've tried teaching all of my kids, homemade or no, how to sew.  Here's N-son making t-shirt bags this past summer:
N-son learning to sew
And here's J-son, wearing his project half-way through construction.
J-son is a very manly sewer.
I even co-opt OPK (Other People's Kids):
My niece learns to hem dish rags.  Child labor!
But all this usually requires a lot of what I might politely call "supervision" and what an innocent bystander might call "meddling", "micromanaging", or (more accurately) "nagging".

But I-daughter is all grown up.  She lives two states away.  No adult supervision required.  And all on her own, she found the pattern and concocted her very own needle holder.  Let's take one more look at those beautiful stitches:

She's sew good!

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  1. That is a mighty handsome needle holder! Now I am oh-so curious about this homemade kid business...ha!