Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More hot water

I have no idea if this saves me money, but it feels like it does.

I have an old salad spinner that stopped spinning.  Now I use it as a spaghetti drainer.  In the winter months, this allows me to keep the hot water -- not pouring money down the drain, as it were.  (I pour the spaghetti and water in there, use the strainer to pull out the spaghetti, and leave the water steaming in the bowl).

Water, with spaghetti removed.  Can you see the steam
at the top of the photo?
Every little bit counts.
As inoculation against stupid-last-minute spending for the holidays, I grabbed The Story of Stuff from our local library.  You can watch a 21-minute you tube video if you're intrigued, but I prefer the book.  It's a good reminder that not buying garbage (or stuff that'll quickly become garbage) is not just a miserly strategy, it's also an environmental strategy.  I figure reading this helps me to balance out all the advertisement urging us in the other direction, right now.

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