Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas tickle

Yesterday as I was going through my files, I found a present I'd given myself.

A few years ago after reading Getting Things Done, I started a tickler file -- that's a way that many people organize papers that they'll need for a specific date in the future.  I've come to love using it.  And yesterday I remembered one more reason why.

I came across a file folder, next to my December folder, full of Christmas mailing stuff.  It had sparkly mailing labels with a gaudy holiday theme (love those), package labels, cards, and [big drum roll here . . . ] envelopes that I'd already addressed.  Score!

Apparently last year when I was addressing envelopes (the memory of this comes back to me slowly), I decided to make three sets of envelopes -- it's not really that much harder than making one set.  And this year, when all I have to do is write the letters, slap on the stamps, and send the letters with love.  That's the fun part, really.  Ahhh . . .

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