Friday, September 30, 2011

Summary advice

Summary advice from September

September 1
Make charitable microloans
September 2
Cheap water/exercise is healthier than costly soda/videogames
September 3
Make tool hangers
September 5
Cut toothpaste tubes in half
September 6
Sort clothes into one-week piles
September 7
Pull good stuff out of trash piles
September 8
September 9
Label coat hooks and light switches
September 10
Set aside "special toys" for special times
September 12
Make homemade bread
September 13
Decorate soap dispensers with children
September 14
Hand-me downs come with a story
September 15
Consider adoption (or don't)
September 16
Have patience before buying furnishings
September 17
Make storage containers from boxes
September 19
Store travel mugs with other travel items
September 20
Take family pictures instead of school pictures
September 21
Invest in the grocery market
September 22
Share what you don't need with those who do need
September 23
Mommy dollars can change kid's behavior
September 24
Ask around before you buy something big
September 26
6 ways to spend less money on clothes
September 27
Decorate a cake with toys and buckets
September 28
Frugality gets a bad rap in the press
September 29
Share status

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