Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Summary Advice

Here's a summary of advice from July.

July 1 Check out how much electricity your appliances use
July 2 Figure out how much money your appliances use
July 4 Keep track of electric use on line
July 5 Store water jugs in the back of the refrigerator
July 6 Energy use is almost invisible, but not inexpensive
July 7 Make wax-covered pinecones for fire starters
July 8 Teach your children to make t-shirt bags for money
July 9 Pack ID, Credit Card, and Meds (plus trail mix)
July 11 Have your children pack their own suitcases
July 12 Make a backpack out of old jeans
July 13 Organize family activities with a three-choice list
July 14 Buy durability wisely, even if it costs more
July 15 Pack a lunch with precycled bags
July 16 Pre-pack your suitcase with those things you always forget
July 18 Make granola
July 19 Hide the "to do" pile; just show the list
July 20 Make lists to help with repetetive decisions
July 21 Seek out shade trees
July 22 Make hummus
July 23 Decline plastic bags (if possible)
July 25 "Fry" an egg with a cardboard solar cooker
July 26 Use a black hose to heat water outdoors
July 27 Start a Mommy Dollar Bank Account
July 28 Brushing well is more important than using toothpaste
July 29 Encourage friendships between your kids and your own friends

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