Monday, May 11, 2015

Ocho de Mayo

I sort of forgot to take photos of this year's "Ocho de Mayo" celebration at the Miser Mom household.  It was a lot like a previous year's "Siete de Mayo"; the date sort of slides around.  So similar, except this year we had an even more wonderfully full house.  Yes!

Fortunately, I have photos of my granddaughter (38 days old), so I can still illustrate the process of preparing a celebration.    The first stage of course is thinking hard about when to hold the dinner, and also what to serve.  Hmmmm . . . .

Hmmm . . . what should Miser Nana cook for dinner?

Here's a secret we'll share with you:  the menu is pretty much the same as every year.  Tacos!
Just between us;
she keeps the menu and the music selection in her tickler file!
This year, the best part of the evening was that we had Ocho people around the table!  Whoop!  Our new Y, both boys, me & my husband, my only homemade daughter, plus of course K-daughter and Baby A.  It made us all happy to have so many people around to celebrate the evening.  Truly a fiesta!
I love my many aunts and uncles, but I love my Nana best of all!
We start the evening with a bit of rowdy dancing.  ¡La Bamba!  and ¿Que té pasa? are annual crowd pleasers in our family.

Then we sit down to lots of yummy food: rice, hamburger and beans, cheese, lettuce, bananas, and salsa.  How was that salsa, Baby A?
Yoicks!  Hot!  But good!

 But all in all, we thought it was a good evening.   What did you think, Baby A?
In my considered opinion, yes, it was a worthwhile gathering.
I'll be back next year;
maybe I can actually eat some of the food then!

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