Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Canned Wolf Puppets

And now, for something really silly . . . 

To round out the genre of Canning Jar Fetish, I'd been thinking about how just about anything could become a canning jar lid.  

And about  the moment I was thinking about it, I was futzing about in my sewing room.  I was trying to decide on a good way to display a puppet that my sisters and I had played with as a kid, that I'd recently inherited because my dad is cleaning out the house.

And, well, you know, THIS happened.

Ta Da!!!!
 Because everybody needs a sentimental Wolf Puppet Canning Jar Candy Holder, right?

Maybe the wolf is pooping chocolate balls, I dunno.

At any rate, if you want to make your own one of These Thingiess and you're curious about my construction technique, here's what I did.
  • Stuff the head and arms of the wolf with fiberfill (toy animal stuffing, left over from other projects).
  • Put a canning ring outside the wolf's waist, like a hula hoop.
  • Slide a canning jar lid inside the puppet up snug against the stuffing, and into the ring.
  • Once I was sure this fit well, I loosened up the jar/ring connection, added a bunch of superglue into the crevices, and then tightened things back into place.
  • When the glue was dry, I snipped away the bottom portion of the puppet.  It makes a nice "skirt" to go over the bottom portion of the jar, but I don't have that photographed here.


My, what nice big canning rings you have, Granny!   
All the better to put food up, my dear!   (growl chomp growl ymmmmm)

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