Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Too much food downstairs

Guests who take a tour of my basement often ask me if I'm a "survivalist".    

I'm not; I just try to buy local food in season and can it up for the winter months.  Problem is, this particular recent set of winter months, my husband has been in charge of dinners, which means that our dinners have consisted of food which is much more . . . um . . . commercial.  (He'd say, it's "ordinary").  So we've been eating more of, you know, stuff that comes out of boxes decorated with logos or out of plastic bags of one sort or another.  Not food that comes out of glass jars labeled with paper tags and painter's tape.

As a result, my basement storage area -- which should be nearly cleaned out of food by now, seeing as how May is bringing fresh veggies back into the house -- well, it looks like this: 
A lot of food left . . .
 Not exactly empty.

Since I organize our food by "month" instead of by item, you can see how far behind we are in consuming last summer's bounty:
Food I'd planned to bring upstairs in January is still in the basement!
Yes, we haven't even brought the January box up yet.   Sigh.  Look at those tomatoes and that turkey stock and those cherries and pickles and applesauce!  So much yummy food waiting for someone to come eat it!

There are worse problems to have, I know, than having more-than-enough food in the basement.  But still, I guess this means it's time for me to start planning dinners again.

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