Friday, July 4, 2014

Gingerbread Hummus

Subtitle:  Oops!

So, I found this giant jar of beans at a yard sale last summer; and I bought it for a dollar.  The woman who sold it to me told me she'd put the beans in herself, layer by layer, and used it only "for decoration".  Me, I'd definitely use the jar to store baking supplies, and so I set about to slowly and systematically eat those beans.  The price was more than right.

Which brings us to Wednesday night:  soak a bunch of those beans.  Thursday morning: drain them, add more water, add a bit of oil and garlic, and pressure cook them for 8 minutes.  Then set the pot outside to cool off during the day.

Thursday night, I came home and drained the beans.  Half of the mixture made it into a "bean salad":  add oil, cider vinegar, salt, and a dash of lemon.  Marinate it in a jar.  That jar makes for a quick and easy, cool, filling snack.

The other half I tossed into the food processor to puree into hummus, with my usual slap-dash recipe.  (When her friends ask K-daughter what ingredients I've used in any particular dish, she laughs and says "stuff").  In this case, "stuff" means whatever spices and flavors I happen to want to put in -- usually garlic and mustard, either parsley or cilantro depending on what's sitting around in the freezer or on the counter, and salt -- a bit of oil, a bit of lemon juice, and bread crumbs.

Except that the jar of bread crumbs I grabbed from the freezer was really . . . gingerbread crumbs. Hence, oops.

(Yes, these gingerbread crumbs came from our ginger-fail house).  However, it turns out that ginger is a spice, too!  and it seems to go well in hummus.  And a touch or two of sugar doesn't seem to ruin the batch.

And when I stick the "Gingerbread Hummus" label on there, it sounds like I made it this recipe on purpose, right?

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  1. DH did something similar once with baba ganouj. No comment on what we ended up doing with it.