Monday, July 7, 2014

One flu over the Miser House

Around midnight between Friday and Saturday, the flu overtook my husband.  He spent a retch-ed night.

I prepared for the inevitable by hammering my training as well as I could over the weekend -- on Saturday, while my husband began to recover, I did a very hilly 65-mile bike ride (slow even by my standards).  Sunday before church, I upped my running milage from my usual weekend 6 miles to about 11.  By the afternoon, my guy was back on his feet and we went for a walk.

Sunday night (last night) I had my turn at feeling retch-ed.

There is something about a well-prepared-for flu that I actually enjoy.  Of course, being sick is not much fun, but the day after the awful night always amazes me.  I'm a little sore and achy, and very very tired. But the way that I get better is just . . . to lie here.  To sleep.  That's so amazing.  My body becomes this "I'll take care of you" machine.

Imagine if we could do that with other things around us:  The kitchen is a disaster?  Close the doors, let it rest, and come back 6 hours later;  the counters will be much clear and shiny.  That pile of grading overwhelming?  Put a blanket on it; give it some cool water, and have it take a nap.  Those papers will be all graded by morning.  But somehow this enforced rest actually works with recovering from the flu.  I love my body.

Today was the day I was supposed to go out for a 3-mile run with my friend June, a 15-mile bike-ride with my friend Andy, and then a solo 16-mile run through rolling Lancaster farmland.  But instead I'm snuggled up happily, glad for this little vacation my body is giving me.

Okay, back to my nap.


  1. Hope you're at 100% soon! Even if taking a break is nice. :)

    1. Much better now, thanks! Man, do I love a good sleep! -MM