Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Paper food labels

This is just a little bit of something that makes me happy:  using pre-cycled paper as a trash-less way to label my food.
Once a week, we get a giant box of vegetables from our CSA.  This is what the pile o' veggies looked like this Tuesday when we brought it home:
 Totally beautiful.   But also, in this form, largely inedible still.  I've taken to spending an hour chopping things up the evening the veggies join our home.  First I take remove the greens from the carrots and beets.  The greens go into jars of water to keep them fresh until I cook them up:
(Yellow beets and purple carrots . . . what is this world coming to?)   Then comes some quality time with my food processor.   It's always easier to snack on veggies when they're already cut up, so chopping *everything* at once makes it much more likely that we'll grab, say, cucumbers and carrots as a snack instead of a plastic yogurt container or boxed cereal.  Some of the veggies (like the beets) I'll jar up with dressing, so they're packaged as ready-to-go salads.

But chopping is not enough, especially at the beginning of the week.  With so many people in my family home nowadays, and so many different veggies jammed into the fridge, I can't use my usual "magic memory" to make sure that we use up all the food.  Hence, the paper labels, which I attach with rubber bands or (in the case of canning jars) screwed on above the lid but below the ring.  Large, easy-to-read labels help the rest of the family know what's up for grabs!

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  1. Wow! Nifty idea, prepare the food for eating, label it so it can be used up, zero waste. You're an inspiration!